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Would you like to cook the real Italian pasta? Find out our variety of products that we selected for you.

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  • Caserecce 500g - Tuscany

    Caserecce 500g: Short durum wheat pasta that can be paired with any sort of simple sauce as well with the most refined dressings from Tuscany and other regional sauces. Try them with homemade ragù or pick one of our regional specialties!Ingredients 500g: durum wheat semolina, water.

    2,80 €
  • Maccaronis de su Ferrittu 500g - Sardinia

    Maccaronis de su Ferrittu 500g : The name (please read it with the southern accent from Sardinia!) comes from the “ferrittu”, which is the utensil implemented in order to create them. Perfect with meat and tomato sauces, they must be eaten while sipping some exquisite red Cannonau wine.Ingredients 500g: durum wheat semolina, water.

    3,50 €

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