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The following section shows how to change your Browser’s settings so that you can be warned when you receive a new cookie or to allow you to disable cookies.

Cookies are identifiers that are transferred on your device in order to allow our systems to recognise your device and to offer you some features, suggestions, interest-based advertisement on other Websites (such as, for example, affiliate Websites of BEBA srl with content controlled by BEBA srl) and the possibility to save items in your basket in between every visit. Any reference to BEBA srl’s sites includes our Websites, devices, mobile apps or other BEBA srl Softwares. For further informations on the owners of the consent to the use of your personal data, we send you back to the section Owners of the consent of personal data in our Privacy information notice.

We use cookies also for other purposes:

  • Identify yoy when you log-in on our Websites. This way we can guarantee product recommendations, personalized contents.
  • Give you contents, marketing actions included, pertaining to your interests on our BEBA srl and third parties’ Websites. The advertisement based on your interests is subject to your preferences, as stated in the following section.
  • Keep track of the preferences you suggest. This way we can consider your preferences connected, for example, to the way you see advertisement based on your interests. Normally you can set your preferences in the My account section.
  • Keep track of the items you saved on your basket.
  • Run researches and analysis in order to improve the content, the products and the services of BEBA srl, owner of the Website
  • Prevent fraudulent actions.
  • Improve safety.

Cookies allow to take advantage of some essential functions of Beba srl owner of the Website For example, if you block or disable our cookies, you will not be able to add items to your basket, go to check out or use any of the products and services of requiring your login.

In the majority of Browsers there is an Help function that will show you how to prevent the Browser from accepting new cookies, how to set certain preferences so that the Browser notifies you when you receive new cookies and how to disable all the cookies. Furthermore, you can disable or delete similar data used by side components of the Browser, such as Flash cookies, by changing the settings of the side component or by visiting the Website of the producer. 

Both on Websites owned and handled by BEBAsrl and those handled by third parties, BEBA srl shows marketing advertisement created according to your interests and the informations you submit when interacting with our Websites, contents and services. Interest-based advertisement, sometimes also called “tailor-made”, appears on your Browser according to the informations on your activities, such as the purchases you make on our Website, the usage of our devices, apps and softwares, your visits to Websites that show contents or advertisement on behalf of BEBA srl owner of the Website, the interactions with BEBA srl’s tools or the usage of our paying services, such as BEBA Srl Checkout.

Like other online advertisement networks, we use cookies, web beacon (also known as action tags or single-pixel gifs) and other technologies (as a whole “cookies”). Cookies allow us to know which ads you see, which ads you select and in which other way your interact on our Websites and those of third parties. This allows us to offer you the most pertinent and useful advertisements. For example, if we know which marketing ads you are shown, we can act so that you are not shown the same ad twice.

In offering you interest-based advertisement, we do not link your interaction with our Websites or other Websites independent from us to your identity.


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