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By visiting the Website you acknowledge and accept the procedures described in this privacy information notice.



Any personal data given or gathered through the operations you will be making on the Website GOSHOPITALY.COM will be controlled by Beba Srl, as the only data controller, situated in Via C.L. Censi n.21, San Severino Marche (MC) 62027, Italy.



The personal data provided by our clients help us customizing and constantly improving your purchases on the Website. We use such data to control and carry out orders, supply products and services, process payments, communicate with you concerning orders, products, services and other promotional offers, update our registers and, generally, handle your account, show contents such as wishlists and feedback from other clients and suggest products and services that might interest you. We use these data to improve our online store and our service, in order to prevent or expose frauds or abuses harmful to our Website and to consent to third parties to carry out technical and logistic activities on our behalf.

Here are some categories of personal data that we gather.

Personal data provided by you

We receive and save any kind of data that you submit in our Website or that you submit in any other way. You can choose not to submit any data, but in that case you might not be able to use part of our services. We use the data that you submit in order to answer your questions, customize our suggestions for you, improve our online offer and our communications with you.

Personal data gathered automatically

We receive and save certain categories of personal data every time you interact with us. For example, as many Websites, we use “cookie” and we obtain some data when your web browser accesses to GOSHOPITALY.COM or to advertising displays and other contents related to GOSHOPITALY.COM or on other Websites.

Email communications

In order to monitor our communications we require, sometimes, the confirmation that you have received an email message. If you wish not to receive emails or other mail from us, you can change your newsletter settings and notify preferences.

Personal data gathered through other sources

We might receive your data from other sources and add them to the informations related to your account.



In order to let our systems recognize your device and to guarantee you other functions we use cookies. For more informations about the use of cookies, go to our page Cookies and Online advertisement.


Are personal data gathered through given to third parties?

Our clients’ personal data are a crucial component of our job and it’s not our custom to give it to third parties. Therefore, the personal data will be given out only according to the following measures other than being shared with and the societies under its control. These same societies, carrying out their own activities, act in a manner that is conformal to this Privacy information note or in any case to norms that require the same legal protection to those described in this Privacy information note.

  • Third parties offering services

We ask other firms and physical entities to carry out some activities on our behalf. For example, to make an order, deliver packages, ship traditional mail and send emails, remove repetitive informations from our client lists, analyse data, give marketing assistance, give research results and links (including lists and payment lists), make payments with credit cards and guarantee services to clients. These suppliers have access only to personal data that are necessary in order to do their duties. We guarantee you these suppliers are not allowed to use these same data for other purposes and they are also obliged to treat these data according to the conformity of this Privacy information notice and according to the applicable regulations when protection of personal data is involved.

  • Promotional offers

Sometimes we send offers to selected clusters of clients of on behalf of other firms. In such cases, we do not give these firms your name and address. If you wish not to receive such offers, you can check your Newsletter and Notify preference settings.

  • Society transfer

Since our activity is in constant growth, we might sell or buy shops, branches or productive units. Generally, in such operations, the client’s personal data are considered part of the transferred patrimony of the firm, but they are still subject to the commitments taken in any previous privacy information notice (unless, of course, the client expressively gives his consent to act in a different way). Furthermore, in the unlikely event that the property of or all his goods are sold to third parties, the clients’ personal data will naturally be considered as part of the transferred goods.

We divulge data related to the account and other personal data only if it is expressly required by the law; in order to respect and apply our General condition of use and sale; in order to protect our goods or rights and the safety of, our clients and other individuals. This includes the exchange of information with other societies and organizations that provide prevention of fraud and credit risk decrease.

Obviously, this does not include selling, sharing or divulging in any way personal data received from clients for commercial aims, contrasting with the commitments taken in this Privacy information notice.

  • With your consent

In situations that may be different from the above, you will be informed anytime your personal data are shared with third parties and you will have the chance to choose weather to share or not your personal data with third parties. Anytime your personal data are transferred to societies or institutions whose headquarters are located outside of the European Union, we will make sure that your data are transferred according to this Privacy information notice and to what stated in the legislation in effect concerning data protection in the sphere of data communication to third parties, as stated above.


We commit ourselves to protect the safety of your personal data while they are sent, by using the Secure Sockets Layer Software (SSL), which encrypts the information you submit.

At the moment of confirmation of the order we are able to see only the last four items of your credit card number. Obviously, when processing the order, we transmit the complete number of your credit card to the financial institution issuing your credit card.

Our safety procedures also occasionally require for you to give proof of your identity before revealing personal data.

It is important that you adopt the right protection against the unauthorized access to your password and computer. Always make sure that you log out when you use another computer shared with other people.



Our Website cans see advertising messages from third parties and links to other Websites. For further informations concerning advertising messages from third parties on, tailor-made interest-based advertisement included, visit the section Cookies and online advertisement.



Through you have the chance to access a wide spectrum of data connected to your account and operations on and you can see your data and, if you wish, adjourn them.



As stated above, you can always choose not to submit personal data, but the sharing of such data might be necessary to carry out an order or use certain functions of such as my Profile, Wishlist, Client reviews.

When you adjourn your data, we still maintain a copy of the previous version in our archives.

If you wish not to receive emails or other kind of mail from us, you can fix the newsletter options and Notify preferences.  (You can choose to not receive from us the General Conditions of use and sale or other legal communications, such as this Privacy information notice. These legislations, however, will continue discipline your use of and the orders made on It is your responsibility to check them out and notice potential changes).

If you do not want us to use our personal data we gather to make tailor-made advertisement from third parties that we show you, you can fix the newsletter options and Notify preferences.

The menu of the Sidebar in the majority of Browsers will show you how to avoid your Browser accepting new Cookies, how to let your Browser inform you when you receive a new Cookie and how to deactivate Cookies in general. Furthermore, you can deactivate or erase similar data used by adding components of the Browser, such as Flash Cookies, by changing the options of the adding component or by visiting the Website of its maker. Anyways, since the cookies allow you to use some functions essential to, we suggest you let them active. If, for example, you block or refuse our Cookies, you will not be able to add items to your basket, go to Checkout, or use any product or service from requiring your registration.

Can minors use GOSHOPITALY.COM?

Minors are not authorized to buy products through On some products for kids are being sold, but their sale is aimed, however, to adults. Users younger than 18 years old, may use only under supervision of a parent or a tutor.


Information Notices and changes

If you still have doubts on the Privacy information notice on the Website, send us an email.

Our activities change constantly and, therefore, so do the Privacy Information Notice and the General Condition of use and sale. It may happen that we send you periodic email reminders concerning our information notices and Condition of use, unless you asked us not to. In case you deactivated these notifications, we suggest to check our Website often in order to acknowledge potential changes. If not stated otherwise, the actual Privacy information notice applies to every personal data that we have about you and your account. Anyways, we maintain our pledges and will never modify in a substantial manner, our privacy and procedures. In the event that substantial modifications shall be necessary, we will inform you so that you can give or deny your permission.


Personal data supplied by you

You submit most of the personal data when you do research, make orders, send messages to mailing lists or opinion groups, take part into contests or questionnaires or interact with the client service. For example, you submit personal data by: looking for a product, making an order through or through one of its third parties, giving personal data by filling the section My account (and you might have more than one if you made use of more than one email address while sending an order to Beba srl, owner of the Website or My profile, communicating with us on the phone, by email or in any other way, filling in questionnaire or the form to participate to contests, using our services, filling a Wishlist or other gift lists, taking part to opinion groups or other community exchange functions, writing reviews, specifying alerts for special occasions, using other personalized notify services like notifications for delivery disposability. Therefore, here are the data you submit: your name, address and phone number, credit card informations, names of the recipients of the orders (addresses and phone numbers included), names (address and phone numbers), your friends’ and other people’s email addresses, contents of reviews and emails delivered by us, personal description and profile picture, financial data.

Data gathered automatically

We gather and analyse data such as, for example: Internet protocol address (IP) implied to connect your computer to the Internet, login, email address, password, informations on your computer and connection like type and version of the Browser, time zone informations, types and versions of Browser plug-in, operative system and platform, orders history, data that might sometimes be combined with other data we gather in order to create functions like “best sellers”, the complete URL (Uniform Resource Locators) path comprehensive of date and time, cookie number, the produces you looked for and watched, any phone number used to contact our client service. We might also analyse Browser data such as cookies, Flash cookies (also known as Flash Local Shared Objects) or likewise data gathered through certain components of our Website in order to prevent frauds and for other aims. During certain visits, it is possible that we use software tools such as JavaScript in order to consider and gather informations about sessions, including the amount of time implemented in the loading of the Webpage, download errors, duration of the visit on specific Webpages, interaction informations with the pages (such as scrolling, clicks and cursor movements on the page) and methods implemented in order to quit the page. We might also gather technical informations that might help us identifying your device in order to prevent frauds and diagnostics. 

Mobile devices

Most of the mobile devices give their user the chance to deactivate localization services. In most cases these options are inside the General Settings Menu of your device. For informations on specific devices, click here. If you have questions on how to deactivate localization options of your device, we recommend you contact your mobile operator or the producer of your device.

Personal data gathered through other sources

We receive data through other sources for example: adjourned address and shipping informations from our carriers or other third parties, informations that we use to adjust our registers and deliver the next orders or simply to make the following communication interactions faster; account data, informations on orders and returns and on webpages visited by some of our commercial partners with whom we lead specific co-branding operations or to whom we give technical, implementation, marketing or any other kind of service; data on key-words research and the results gathered following a research carried out on web Browsers; research and link results, including paying listings (such as Sponsored Links); credit data from risk centres, whose help we ask in order to offer credit or financial services to some client and in order to prevent and expose fraudulent activities.

Joint offers with other societies or in co-branding

We might, from time to time, offer products and services jointly with other societies or in co-branding.

Data you can access

On you can access data such as, for example: adjourned informations connected to recent orders; personal identification informations (including names, email, password, communication and tailor-made marketing preferences, contacts and 1-Click options); payment settings (credit card, promotional codes and accounting situation informations included); email notice settings (disposal of products notices, delivery, special occasions notices and newsletter included); suggestions (Picked for you suggestions and Improve your suggestions included); shopping and gift lists (Wishlist, wedding list and kids list included); My Profile (product reviews, your suggestions, notices, personal profile included).


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